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Securing patents requires an understanding of the invention, drafting process, and prosecution in the patent office. The lawyers at Warshaw Burstein have the admissions, experience and skills to secure, as well as assert and defend, client patent rights.

Patent Evaluations, Prosecutions and Clearances

The firm provides patent opinions and evaluations to clients. When a client intends to pursue a new patent, seeks to protect an existing patent or defend against claims of infringement, the attorneys at the firm conduct a comprehensive review of the patent and the overall applicable market. We assess five factors, including:
  • Claim construction
  • Claim scope
  • Validity
  • Enforceability
  • Infringement Defenses

Transactional and Litigation IP Law Firm

The firm assists clients in defending and asserting patents, in addition to drafting and prosecuting patents. The dual nature of the firm's practice ensures that the attorneys draft patent applications with potential litigation consequences and pitfalls in mind. The firm represents clients in industries such as software, battery and energy technology, nutritional supplements, and electronics.

In securing and defending client IP rights, accurate and comprehensive patent protection depends on successfully protecting all facets of the invention at the outset. As part of the firm's commitment to collaboration and startups, patent fees can often be structured and capped depending on the industry.

To protect your invention, call the firm's IP attorneys at 212-984-7700 or send our firm an email.