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Internet, Software & New Media

In a world that is consistently more connected, reliant on software and technology, and operating in a virtual capacity, Warshaw Burstein assists clients with building out their capabilities, ensuring their compliance with Internet regulations, and assuring their interests and rights in their online ventures.
New media and the digital landscape demand strategic and pragmatic steps to secure rights, structure relationships, and protect intellectual property.
Warshaw Burstein has broad experience in the space, including: 
  • Terms of Use & Privacy Policies
  • New Media Platform Rules & Policies (e.g, auction platform or online marketplace)
  • Internet Privacy & Publicity Rights
  • Influencer Agreements
  • Sponsorships & Endorsement Matters
  • Advertising Issues
  • Open-source licensing
  • Software Licenses
  • Software Developer Agreements
The key is knowing the landscape and executing efficiently to achieve your objectives.