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Warshaw Burstein is a New York City-based IP firm with clients across the globe. The firm actively works to help clients pursue, secure, and monetize copyrights. Additionally, the firm ensures that clients' copyrights are not violated and that enforcement, litigation, and claims are pursued in appropriate forums.

Warshaw Burstein uses a collaborative approach to IP services in both the transactional sector and in the litigation realm. The client-centered strategic and collaborative approach identifies client aims, provides a budget, and define success metrics. Based on this blueprint, IP attorneys at Warshaw Burstein propose and pursue IP remedies and protections, affording clients optimal legal protections in the present and in the future.

Challenging a Copyright Infringement

Works, such as books, articles, songs, paintings and photographs, are protected by copyright the moment they are created. Problems arise when a client's work is reproduced without permission and without compensation. In investigating copyright infringement cases, the firm's IP attorneys review:
  • Access - Did the infringer have access to the work in order to copy it?
  • Copyright - Who possesses the legal right to the articact in question and is a copyright registered?
  • Perpetrator - Who is the actual infringer of the copyright?
  • Damages - What are the quanitifiable costs of the infringement?

Licensing Copyrights

In addition to helping clients register their copyrights and enforce their interest against infringement, the firm's IP attorneys also advise clients on monetizing their copyrights through licensing agreements.

For copyright assistance, call 212-984-7700 or send the firm an email to schedule a consultation.